This DIY goes out to all our fans!



This first one is merely decoration, but it’s definitely different than other ones and follows the theme! Perfect for all sorts of parties, if you change the color and pattern you could use it for anything.

Picture of Portable Fan

This fan is portable for anywhere and anytime! There are different versions of this little guy but this one comes with a switch. Desk, car, or living space, you can be cool in two ways!

Portable Bucket Air Conditioner

This fan is larger but it’s still portable and it comes with a cooling system as well! Also with the streamers, it won’t be a scary machine but a fun one with character. Three holes help to circulate the air around a room, and to bring the hot summer down to an enjoyable one!



Got a cooler sitting around that needs a different job than collecting stagnant air? Well let the air flow free and cool down your place. This is a bigger unit than the last one but will be able to cool faster and stronger than before!



This may not be a fan, but it’s a cooling system that you wont want to miss. It’s a mister that shoots out very fine water, you don’t get soaked, and you get to cool down! This is the relaxing life in a hot summer time everyone needs.



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