Getting in the 2017 Holiday Spirit 

Staying at UIUC apartments and away from home during the holidays can be tough for some. For some of you, it might be your first time living on your own. Even though you are stuck in school until exams, you can still celebrate the holiday season by decorating your apartment.

Christmas Trees

If you love Christmas trees or are staying on campus during the holidays, you can still celebrate the holidays as if you were at home. One way you can do this is by decorating your entryway or wall with lights shaped as a Christmas tree. This could be done by putting green or white lights in a triangle shape. Another way to incorporate a Christmas tree in your apartment is by getting a mini tree to put in your room or the living area.

Christmas tree in UIUC apartments


Another festive way to decorate the apartment are holiday throw pillows. You can find pillows with snowflakes, Christmas trees or a snowman in many stores during the holiday season. If you’re looking for a holiday pillow, check out this holiday throw away for your couch. 


Ornaments don’t have to be just on a tree. They can make for a centerpiece in a bowl or vase in the living area. You can also place them on your door handle or your mini tree.  

ornaments in UIUC apartments

Paper Snowflakes

What’s more festive than snow during December. Paper snowflakes are an easy and cheap accessory to add to your apartment. You only need some paper, scissors, and some tape.


Stocking are an essential decoration for many during the holidays. If you want to incorporate them in your apartment, you can place a stocking on the door handle of your bedroom. If you’re looking for some reindeer or Santa stockings, check out some stockings on Etsy.

stockings in UIUC apartments


Nothing says the holiday season like lights. Lights are a popular decoration for many college students no matter the time of year. If you don’t already have some up, you can place them on your ceiling, windows, doors, walls and shelves. Nothing is better than an apartment decked with lights. If you’re looking for some lights, check out these holiday lights on Amazon

Air Fresher and Scents 

If your favorite part about the holidays is the smell of cinnamon, pine cones, pumpkin, or ginger breads, you can get some scented candles or air freshener to make your apartment smell like the holidays. If you like the smell of ginger breads, check out this ginger cookie scent air freshener.

Air freshener in UIUC apartments

Being away from home during the holiday season can be tough for many, but decorating some UIUC apartments can help bring some holiday spirit during the last few weeks before break. We also like to celebrate the holidays by decorating our office


  1. Decorating apartments is an art. I like your ideas, Thanks for sharing.

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