Hopefully everyone is aware of our 4 as 3 and 3 as 2 deals we have available for next year. If not, here is the break down. You can rent a 4 bedroom apartment with only 3 roommates or a 3 bedroom apartment with only 2 roommates for a reduced price. This is an awesome deal for those who want a little extra room, or for those who love a specific building or apartment but don’t necessarily want to get another roommate just to fill a bedroom. 

What can you do with a whole open bedroom?


In today’s DIY, get some ideas for how to create a unique space out of your open room. Let us know what you plan to do with your room next year! 

Home Gym

If you like working out but hate the crowds at the ARC or don’t feel motivated to go outside to run in the heat or snow, make your own gym at home! Having an open area in which to do workouts right in your own apartment is convenient and a good way to make sure you have time to exercise in the day. Setting up your own gym is not as expensive as you might think. Some good items to get buy to get started are free weights, resistance bands, a full length mirror, and a yoga mat. 

Gaming/Media Room

Elevate your game or movie nights by having a designated media room. Set up your TV, game console, and a bunch of comfortable chairs in the extra room to make a room perfect for playing Xbox and watching movies. Black out curtains and a minifridge full of snacks will make the room even better. Everyone will want to come to your place for movie night. 


Love reading? Turn the 3rd or 4th bedroom into a personal library! Line the walls with bookshelves, hang posters of your favorite quotes, and set up cozy chairs in which to curl up and read. Walmart has several bookshelves for under $30, but there are some trendy ways to make your own. Try using stacked wooden crates for a fresh look or stacked cinder blocks with wood planks for a more industrial style (see video below for the tutorial). The best part of making your own bookshelves is that you can customize them and make them as wide or tall as you want to fit your space.  

Giant Closet

If you’re like me, and have way too many clothes, why not treat yourself to a giant closet? An extra room could be used as storage space for all roommates. You can get a rolling rack like they use in stores so all your hanging clothes can be seen and a little shelf for folded clothing. Add a giant pouf and a few mirrors and you’ll have a giant closet that would make anyone envious. 

Craft/Hobby Room 

Creative people need a space dedicated to creating. If you are a person who loves to paint, sketch, play an instrument, write, sew, make crafts, or anything else that requires some creativity and artistry, you may benefit greatly from having an extra room solely for doing what you love. This could be a room for you to make a space for you to feel inspired. Since we discourage painting on walls or making hole in

Ball Pit… 

I don’t think I need to explain how cool it would be to have a ball pit in your apartment. You could accomplish this a couple of ways. One: get an inflatable swimming pool and fill it with balls. Two: put a baby gate or room divider in front of the door to keep the balls from escaping and then FILL THE WHOLE ROOM. Will this take many hours and many dollars to complete? Yes. Is it entirely worth the time, effort, and money? Yes. 

Contact CPM today for a tour and to see if the 4 as 3 or 3 as 2 deal is right for you!