After our brief relapse into summer, the cold has come back to remind us that we do in fact live in Illinois and not California. If you're not ready to face the chilly weather just yet, this soup recipe may help soften the return of late fall temperatures. 

For this week's DIY, we're making a Hearty Vegan Sausage Soup. Vegan Youtuber, Liv B shows you step-by-step how to make this delicious recipe, perfect for fall. 

This soup is full of flavorful vegetables, vegan protein, and hearty pasta. To make the soup creamy, the recipe calls for coconut milk. It's a little lighter than cream-based soups, so you can get a creamy flavor without the heaviness of dairy. 

Take a look and see how to make it for yourself!

You can find the written out list of ingredients and directions by following this link