Being somewhat a grown up means you can't just skate by without bringing something to share for Thangsking. Adulting means cooking, and it can be fun to make something for others (and yourself, of course). Cooking a staple dish for Thanksgiving, like the pumpkin pie or stuffing, can be intimidating, so why not shake it up and bring something fun? These stand-out treats are perfect, no-pressure dishes you can bring to any Friendsgiving or family meal on Turkey Day. Fun and a bit goofy, these are goodies that will be the talk of the table. Let's get started! 

Pilgrim Cupcake 

For this adorably delicious pilgrim all you need to do is make a batch of cupcakes and pipe a dollop of stiff frosting on the top, adding a tiny face to one side. Make the pilgrim hat by dipping a marshmallow in melted chocolate and pressing it onto a striped cookie. Add the buckle with icing gel, and you are ready to serve! 

Bite-Sized Caramel Apples

Take a tiny melon baller and scoop out balls from a Granny Smith apple. Insert a stick into the apple pieces and dip in caramel sauce before rolling the bottom in festive sprinkles or chocolate chips. 

Cheese Ball

This dish is perfect for a pre-meal snack. It's a lifesaver for when people start to get super hungry before dinner is served. Find the recipe on Delish!

Turkey Cookies

These cute turkeys are a sweet addition to any dessert plate. With a little icing, press half a sugar cookie onto a full cookie. Decorate the back with orange frosting for the base, candy corn for the feathers, and peanut butter cups for the head and body. Add a couple candy eyes and a beak and these turkeys are ready for Thanksgiving. 

Meaty Cheese Bites

These bacon-loaded cheeseballs are easy to make and eat! Find the recipe on Delish!