Thanksgiving is tomorrow! I don’t know about you, but I am so excited to eat all the amazing food. Being together with family can be wonderful, but it can also be a bit stressful. Who can blame mom or dad when they snap at you for whatever little thing? They are cooking a huge meal! Whether it be from cooking stress, or from grandparents or uncles talking about all their political opinions, sometimes you just need an escape. This week’s DIY will help you out! 

Instead of hiding from or enduring awkward conversations, change it up with a game or two! The best way to get people having fun and to relieve some stress is to play a group game. Here are a few that are sure to help out on Thanksgiving Day. 

Classic Card Games

Keep it simple by grabbing a deck of cards and suggesting a friendly card game. Warning, it may not end so friendly. Favorites like Crazy 8s, Rummy, Spoons, and Hearts always make for good choices

Group Phone/Video Games

The “No phone at dinner” rule can be broken if everyone is playing a game together. Download HeadsUp for charade style game, or Trivia Crack to bring out everyone’s competitive streak. Of course, Mario Kart, Just Dance, Super Monkey Ball, and Wii Sports can all be fun to play as a group. You’d be surprised how competitive it can get!

Parlor Games

These games don’t require any props, so you can play them whenever and wherever. The Minister’s Cat is played by going around the table or living room and having each person describe this fictitious cat. The catch is that they have to use adjectiving following alphabetical order. Whoever messes up is out! Throwing the Smile is a game of focus. One person starts out with the smile (no one else can smile if they don’t “have it”) then they fan their hand over their mouth and throw the smile to someone else. That person then wipe  the smile on their face, and it starts again. If someone smiles out of turn, they’re out!

Miscellaneous Games

If you’re still looking for ideas, try this Thanksgiving Mad Libs. If your family is into movies, play Guess the Movie! This is a game where one person says the opening line of a movie, and everyone else has to guess the correct movie. Of course What Do You Meme and Apples to Apples are always good choices, too!

And you can just throw on one of these holiday movies to distract everyone.