When you are going through school, you tend to collect quite a few tee shirts from events, class trips, clubs, spring breaks, and sports. By the end of high school and college, there are too many shirts to count. Most of these collected tee shirts have good or at least interesting memories attached to them and seeing the shirts can make you feel nostalgic. However nice it is to reminisce, these tees can take up a lot of property in closets and keep-sake boxes. Like way too much. It’s strangely hard to part with that first day of school free tee shirt you got when you were about to start a whole new chapter or your old P.E. shirt that reminds you of all the horrible gym classes you survived. It is difficult to part with these mementos even when you know that you probably will never wear your spring break 2018 neon green shirt again and need to make some room in your closet for grown up business clothes. 

Well, there is a way you can hold onto your old school tee shirts and the memories that go with them without having to sacrifice real estate in your closet. The solution: Tee Shirt Quilt! 

A tee shirt quilt is basically what it sounds like; a cozy quilt made from tee shirts you don’t want to wear anymore. You make it by cutting out the fronts of your tee shirts, so you can still see the logos or designs, and then sew them together to make a blanket. The quilt is much easier to store than a bunch of tee shirts and is nice to bring out if you’re ever feeling nostalgic. 

You can find the full tutorial here, but the general instructions can be found below. Let’s get started!

  1. Decide how big your quilt will be. This will depend on how many tee shirts you have. “If you have 12 shirts, either 3 x 4 or 4 x 3 shirts. 16 = 4 x 4 shirts, 24 can be 4 x 6 shirts, 25 = 5 x 5 shirts, and so on.”

  2. Take the smallest shirt and the shirt with the largest graphic and measure out what can be cut from both evenly. That is how you will get your measurements for the cutouts of all the shirts. Create a fabric outline with those measurements.

  3. Use your outline to cut out the panels from your shirts. Simply place the outline over the part of the shirt with the graphic and then carefully cut along the edges. The article shows you how to cut precisely to make sure each cutout is the same, but that’s not strictly necessary if you don’t want to spend a lot of time making it perfect. 

  4. Lay the cut out fronts of your shirts on the floor to arrange them. You could arrange them by color, year you got them, category of shirt, or any other way you can come up with!

  5.  Once you have your shirts the way you want them, you’re ready to sew them together! Sew them together by laying one shirt on the other, graphic sides facing one another so you see the plain side of the shirt on the top and bottom. Then sew the sides together, so when you open the shirts, they will be sewn together with the seam on the backside. 

  6. Once you have sewn all of the rows, you can sew all of the rows together to complete the front of the quilt. 

  7. Next, you will sew on the back part of the blanket! You can choose any fabric you’d like for this to make it as cozy as you want. 

This is just a rough outline of the steps, so definitely be sure to read through the instruction here before you get started! 

Let us know if you try this!