It is very much summertime here on campus. The sun is out, the heat is on, and the days are long. Let’s bring some of that summertime energy inside! This week’s DIY is all about summer vibes. Below you’ll find four DIY crafts that will bring some brightness into your place. 

You can follow along with the video for each of these crafts. All you will need is the specific materials listed for each to get started!

What you’ll need for...

Snow Cone Garland: Acrylic paint, paint brush, styrofoam balls, paper, twine, glitter, pencil protractor, scissors, mod podge, and a glue gun. 

Ombre Plant Pots: Acrylic paint, mini planter pots, artificial plants, white pebbles, sponge brush, and optional paint holders for mixing.

Earring Organizer/Photo Board: Acrylic paint, paint brush, plastic canvas, frame, and tape.

Sunglasses Holder: Acrylic paint, paint brush, wooden popsicle, tape, and twine. 

Find the complete tutorials in the video below!