Only 10 days until Halloween! 

Some students have already started decorating for Halloween. All around campus, you can spot spiderwebs, stuffed mummies, and orange and purple lights hanging from balconies. People are going all-out for Halloween this year. If you want to elevate your apartment’s scare appeal for the spooky season, try making some of these DIY decorations! 

Crepe Flowers

A more elegant, yet still spooky, DIY project, this dark bouquet is easy to make and adds a mysterious element to your space. All you need to make the flowers are wire sticks, a roll of black party streamers, and double-sided Scotch Tape. Wrap the tape around the wire, then wrap the 1 in paper ribbon in loose spirals around the taped section of the wire. Click here for the step-by-step instructions! 

Haunted Curtains

This is a super simple way to transform a wall or window. All you need are dark-colored party streamers. You can find them for a dollar at Walmart or the Dollar Store. Simply cut the streamers into long strips, then attach them in a line so they hang down vertically, covering a window or a wall. Some ribbons or plastic spiders attached to a string would be a nice addition, as well! 

Wine Candles 

Though it’s not advisable to have lit candles in your apartment, these candlestick holders add a gothic aesthetic that shouldn’t be passed up. To make your own, just paint empty wine bottles with black paint. (How the bottles become empty is up to you). Let the paint dry completely before placing candlesticks on top of the bottle. If the candlestick has a hard time staying put, you can melt the bottom a bit to help it to adhere to the bottle opening. White or red candlesticks will work best for this look, but you can customize it however you like!

Paper Spider Web

This craft is very similar to the paper snowflakes we all made as kids. Fold a square piece of paper into a triangle and cut out curved rectangles along the edge. Once you open it up, it will look just like a spider web! Get the full tutorial here

Balcony Scenes

There have been several balconies on campus bedecked in Halloween finery. If you have a balcony attached to your apartment, you can create a Halloween themed scene to delight anyone passing by! Get some skeletons, pumpkins, giant spiders, and whatever else you can think of to make a masterpiece of fright.