If you can't go out, you might as well make some delicious snacks and drinks to keep you company on Halloween. For this week's DIY, you'll find some sweet and savory Halloween-themed recipes. (This is the last Halloween post, I promise)

Let's get started!    

Witch Finger Cookies

These creepy-looking, easily devourable cookies are crisp and buttery. A dryer cookie dough helps this cookie maintain the finger-like appearance while baking, so make sure to follow the recipe closely. Raspberry or cherry jam gives the cookies a just-severed look that really takes them to the next level. Find the recipe from Giada De Laurentiis by following this link!  

Mummy Brie 

Step up your Halloween game with this somewhat fancy recipe. (Anything with brie is fancy, okay?) All you need to make this recipe, is a small wheel of brie, puff pastry dough, black olives, milk, flour, and an egg. Just wrap the puff pastry around the wheel of brie, add the "eyes" and bake! Serve with your favorite crackers, vegetables, and fruits. Find the instructions here

Mummy Jalapeño Poppers 

Another mummy snack! This take on jalapeño poppers is deliciously spicy and fun to make. Fill hollowed-out jalapeño halves with cheddar cheese and then wrap with strips of crescent roll dough. Green peas are used for the eyes. Click here for the full recipe! 

Bloody Cupcakes

You can go all-out with these and make your cupcakes from scratch or use your favorite box mix. The glass candy is what makes these cupcakes a bit freaky. Use red food gel for the blood, and you'll have a deadly dessert. Learn how to make the sugar glass here!

Berry Eyeball Punch

This looks unsettling, to say the least, but it tastes amazing. Pureed blueberries and lychee syrup give this drink a thick consistency and deep blood red color. The eyeballs are made with lychee fruit and blueberries. Learn how to make this drink here

Black Magic Margaritas 

A simple margarita to get into the spirit of Halloween. To make it festive for the holiday, add green, blue, and red food coloring to the drinks to get a dark color with the aftertaste of black food coloring. Garnish the glass rims with black sanding sugar or green sugar sprinkles. Find the full recipe here

I hope you enjoyed these DIY snacks! Let us know if you make any of these recipes by tagging us on Instagram, and you could win a CPM tee-shirt or water bottle!