What beanbags were to the 70’s, floor poufs are to modern times. If you watch any show on HGTV or have even just scrolled through the home decor section on Pinterest, odds are you have seen a floor pouf at one point or another. They have grown in popularity over the last couple of years, and it’s not hard to see why. These pillow-furniture hybrids make great living room or bedroom accessories as they are small, comfortable, and trendy. A pouf can be used as a seat, a table, or just as decoration. The best part is that they are inexpensive and go with any home decor style. If your apartment is more modern or minimalist, try a black faux-leather pouf. If your room is more bohemian, try a woven pouf for beachy vibes. There could even be a pouf specifically for your cat. The possibilities are almost endless! 

While you can find poufs pretty much anywhere furniture is sold, they are actually pretty easy to make at home. In this week’s DIY, learn how to make four different kinds of poufs! We’ll start with the easiest tutorial and progress to ones that require more advanced sewing skills. All of them are fairly straightforward, however, so you can try any one you’d like! It’s a fun project to try with roommates before class assignments and homework starts to pile up again. Let’s get started! 

Easy: Sweater Pouf

Put an old sweater to good use by transforming it into a pouf! All you will need for this DIY is a sweater that you don’t wear anymore, scissors, some fabric of a similar color to your sweater, polyester fiberfill, and sewing equipment (either needle and thread or a sewing machine). This tutorial makes an adorably round pouf that is as cozy as it looks. Find the complete set of  instructions at the Alice Wingerden: This Creative Life blog.

Easy: T-Shirt Pouf

We all have like 50 t-shirts from school, vacations, promotional events, or shopping sprees we deeply regret later. Now you can clear out some drawer space by using old tees to make a pouf! This easy video tutorial will show you all you need to know in order to make a cute braided pouf of your own. (No one has to know it was so easy). 

Medium: Drum Floor Pouf 

This pouf is a little more structured than the sweater pouf as it is made with upholstery fabric. Upholstery fabric is a much more durable type of fabric and it is typically used for chairs, headboards, and other furniture items. As well as any upholstery fabric you’d like, you will also need a 22″ zipper, piping trim, bean bag filling, craft paper, and an iron. Although a little more difficult than the previous pouf, this one is much more durable and structured for sitting. Check out the entire tutorial on the blog, A Beautiful Mess.

Difficult: Crochet Pouf

If you are already a pro at crocheting, this shouldn’t be as hard, but as far as first crochet projects go, this is a challenging one. This floor pouf requires fewer materials than the other tutorials, but it is probably the most time-consuming and challenging. Check out the video below to see how to make it, and if you try this one, or any of the tutorials, be sure to let us know!