This time of year can get a bit dreary in Illinois. Not much sun, very little greenery, and chilly weather make up the next month or so. Let’s work on brightening up where we can with a new DIY project! All you need for the following tutorials are paper, tape, string, and scissors. These colorful decorations will bring a little bit of spring into your apartment. The best part is that these crafts are easy to make and super inexpensive, so you can make as many as you want. Choose any color paper you want to customize these DIY decorations so they complement your apartment. Let’s get started! 


These fluffy poms add a cute touch to any living space. They can be hung from the ceiling, down a hallway, or placed on coffee tables as accents. To make your own, you first need to get tissue paper, scissors, and floral wire. If you plan on hanging the pom-poms, you will also need some clear fishing line or light colored string. Although their puffiness makes them appear difficult to make, they are actually quite easy. First, you take eight sheets of tissue paper and fold them together like an accordian, tying the wire around the middle once done. Cut the end to round them or make them pointed. Then, separate the layers, fanning the tissue paper out to make it look like a flower. And that’s it! For a visual tutorial, follow this link to the Martha Stewart website. 

Rainbow Fan Garland 

Perfect for adding a pop of color to your walls without costing you a security deposit, this garland made of fans is very versatile and fun to make. Put to use some of your origami fan making skills that you developed in middle school to good use. All you need for this tutorial is colored paper, staples, and tape. Make a bunch of paper fans, 15 to 30, depending on how long you want your garland to be. Staple the sides of the fans together, alternating directions so one fan opens up and the next opens down. Once your garland is long enough, tape the ends to the wall! You can also  add polka dots, stickers, or other little additives to make the fans stand out. 

Geometric Lanterns

These diamond-shaped paper lanterns add a modern touch to any room. Items needed for this tutorial include tissue paper, double stick tape, a needle, and fishing line. To start, you’ll need to fold two sheets of the tissue paper in half horizontally (hamburger style) and accordian fold all the way across. Unfold the paper, but do not smooth out the creases you just made. Pinch the ends of the sheets back together and, with the needle threaded with the fishing line, pierce the ends, tying the folds together with the fishing line. With the double sided tape, adhere the open edges together to complete the diamond shape. Find the accompanying photos and full tutorial by following this link to Oh Happy Day!

Vine Garland 

Bring some of the outside indoors with these leafy, DIY vines. These can be wrapped around desks, draped over windows, or hung up on walls. You can even make a bunch and hang them vertically across a hallway or doorway to make a curtain. To make your own vines, you will need green and gold tissue paper, green twine or yarn, cardstock or cardboard paper, pencil, and a pair of scissors. The first thing you need to do is cut out a leaf shape in the cardstock. This will be your template. Stack four sheets of the tissue paper, two green and two gold, and then fold together so you can fit the leaf template on the paper. Once folded, trace the leaf along the paper, then cut out the leaves. Next, cut off a length of twine long enough to work with. Make sure you cut it a bit longer than however long you want the finished project to be. Make loose knots all along the twine where you want the leaves to go. Place the stems of a gold and green leaf cutout in each knot, then pull on the twine to tighten the knots around the stems. Volià! Your leafy garland is ready to hang. Find more detailed instructions by clicking here to go to the Hallmark Blog.