I’m not sure about you, but I have definitely enjoyed having more time in the mornings since working from home. Everything from sleeping in a little bit, to not having to put on makeup, and to just being able to relax instead of rushing to get out the door has made life a little less stressful. In these current times that can bring about anxiety and fear, it’s important to take time to appreciate the little joys in life. What better way to start the day off with joy than by making pancakes?

Pancakes are the best breakfast food, in my opinion. Since they take a little more time and effort than eggs or cereal, I usually save them for weekend mornings (or dinners). However, since time is basically meaningless right now, there can be pancake making every day! 

In today’s DIY, learn how to make a variety of pancakes. One for every day of the week. You’ll be a professional pancake maker by the end of quarantine. Let’s get started. 

Day 1: Buttermilk Pancakes 

Let’s start the week off with a classic buttermilk pancake. This tastes like childhood, sitting in your living room watching cartoons with your stuffed animals. With almost 3,000 ratings and a 5 star review, this in the pancake to start your week off deliciously. Get the recipe from NYT Cooking. Note: if you don’t have buttermilk, you can mix white vinegar or lemon juice with regular milk to substitute.

Day 2: Chocolate Pancakes 

Who said you couldn’t have chocolate for breakfast? No one I’d listen to, that’s for sure. Try this recipe for decadent chocolate pancakes from Tasty to make a memorable breakfast. Bonus: you get to learn how to make a ganache (fancy word for chocolate sauce) in this recipe. 

Day 3: Fluffy Pancakes

Want a pancake that’s a little bit extra? Try making the FLUFFIEST pancakes you’ve ever seen. They get their volume from folded in egg whites which have been whipped until stiff peaks form. Lots of cooking skills will be learned by making this recipe from Tasty. 

Day 4: Potato Pancakes

Maybe at this point in the week you’re looking for a more savory breakfast. These potato pancakes are just the solution you need. Made with shredded potatoes and eggs as a binder, these crispy disks are great dipped in ketchup or topped with sour cream. Get this recipe from Epicurious.  

Day 5: Vegan Protein Pancakes

Having a breakfast loaded with protein is a great way to ensure you start the day full and ready to go. Protein doesn’t need to come from bacon and eggs. Try these vegan protein pancakes for a filling breakfast! You can use any protein powder for this recipe, but to make it vegan, obviously choose vegan protein powder. This recipe is from LivB.

Day 6: Blueberry Oatmeal Pancakes

Oatmeal is the healthy breakfast poster child. Blueberries are the tiny antioxidant-packed superfood that most everyone loves. Together, they make an irresistible, healthy breakfast. This healthy and tasty pancake recipe from Damn Delicious is also protein-packed since it calls for greek yogurt. 

Day 7: Confetti Cake Pancakes

You made it through the whole week! This calls for a celebration. Treat yourself to these confetti cake pancakes! You will need lots of sprinkles and possibly a truck load of  whipped cream. They are perfect for breakfast or even as a late night dessert-dinner. Find the recipe at Taste of Home.