You may have heard of Marie Kondo from her show on Netflix, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, or from one of her many books about organizing. And if you haven't heard of her, welcome to the art tidying up! She is famous for her use of the KonMari method of organizing and decluttering. To declutter a home, she asks people to ask the question of their items, "Does this spark joy?" If yes, keep it. If not, toss it. Seems pretty simple, right? It is, but it takes a lot of time to go through everything and ask that question! Many who have gone through their homes following this method have found that it is life changing. 

So why this for DIY? Many of you are moving back to campus this weekend, and it can definitely be a stressful time. Why not make packing and organizing your new apartment a little less stressful? 

What will you really need?

The best way to pack efficiently is to not pack unnecessary items. These are items that you'll probably use only once or twice, if at all. Pack what you see yourself using frequently! The less you bring, the less hectic moving in will be, so make sure you have what you need, but don't over-pack. What will bring you joy while you're at school? 

The best way to fold clothes.

Marie Kondo's method for folding clothes is the best way to save space. This method is great for packing a suitcase and for making the most of drawer and closet space! Check out the video below showing how to fold clothes the Marie Kondo way. 

Good luck! 

We hope moving in goes well for everyone! It's such an exciting time, and we want to help make it as easy as possible for our tenants. For more information about moving into your apartment with CPM, check out this blog post explaining all you need to know about the move in process.