As the 12 month lease move out date creeps closer and closer (just a week and a half away!), the idea of packing up a whole apartment filled with stuff can be a little overwhelming. There is a lot to do before you leave your apartment, so it’s best to not procrastinate getting everything together. Below are some helpful tips for packing up and moving out. Learn how to make the moving process faster, easier, and maybe even a little fun. Let’s get started with DIY Packing!

Reminder: If your lease ends August 8th, you need to be out of your apartment before 10 a.m. Our premise checkers will start going through the units early, so make sure you get everything out before then! Please read this Moving Out blog post for all the cleaning requirements to avoid charges and feel free to reach out with any questions regarding moving out expectations. 


Why take a lot of time to fold your clothes when you’re in a rush? Try this hack of putting a group of hanging clothes in a trash bag so they stay nice and wrinkle free. This makes unpacking so much easier since they will already be on their hangers. 

Color Coded Boxes:

By adding colored tape or makers on your boxes to represent what type of items they hold, you will save time by being able to easily identify which box is what. You won’t need to open them up to know what they hold. 

Liquid Items:

Packing lotions and shampoos can come with the risk of spilling. Before you pack up bottles from the bathroom or kitchen, be sure to wrap the cap with plastic wrap to prevent spillage!

Heavy Items: 

If you have a lot of books, knick knacks, gaming systems, or other small yet heavy items, try packing them all in a suitcase. That way they are protected and you can more easily manage the weight with the wheeled suitcase. 

Personal Bag:

To prevent a late night dig through of dozens of boxes looking for your pjs, pack an overnight bag with all your essentials. Pack a change of clothes, pjs, toothbrush, makeup, etc. 


To prevent kitchen items from breaking, try packing towels around cups, plates, and bowls. You can also stack styrofoam plates in between glass or ceramic plates to give a little extra cushion for the big move. 

Final Walk Through:

Once you’ve spent hours packing everything up you probably will be ready to get out of there. Before you go and turn in your keys, be sure to take a thorough final walkthrough to make sure you don’t forget anything. Look through every drawer, move the furniture around to see if items were left underneath, and make sure everything has been cleaned well. 

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