There have been some questions about how maintenance requests will be handled during quarantine, and we are here to clear some of those questions up! If you have an emergency maintenance request, that is an issue in your apartment that impedes upon your daily life, our maintenance team will work to fix it for you. Emergencies include issues like water not running, broken window, appliances not running, or A/C not operating. Please use your best judgement for what you think is necessary to fix right away or what could wait a bit longer during the current circumstances. 

Issues like clogged toilets and light bulb replacements will not be made a priority. As per your lease, tenants are responsible for unclogging drains and toilets, replacing light bulbs and smoke detector batteries when needed. Under normal circumstances, if maintenance is called in to do one of these tasks, the tenant will be charged. As of now, they will not be able to complete these types of requests. 

The good news is that you can learn how to do them here if you’ve never done them before! In this week’s DIY, learn how to change a light bulb, clear a drain, unclog a toilet, and change smoke detector batteries. 

How to change a light bulb 

How to change smoke detector batteries 

How to unclog a kitchen sink

Tips to prevent clogging: 

Don’t put large food items in the disposal, and try not to put a bunch of smaller peeling or pieces in at once. Throw away as many food items as you can to prevent clogging and overuse of your disposal. Remember, your disposal is mostly meant to grind up a few food particles left on plates, not to be used like a trash can. 

How to unclog a toilet 

Tips to prevent clogging: 

Do not  flush large amounts of toilet paper at once, and do not flush wet wipes or feminie hygiene products.