DIY: Macramé!

Macramé has made a huge comeback in recent years. This knit craft was all the rage in the 1970's, with everyone and their grandmother buying and making it. Macramé hung on walls, covered the backs of chairs, protected tables from hot plates, and even added a groovy touch to any outfit. 

A 2012 article explaining the history of the once-trendy way to decorate everything from The Denver Post assured readers that it wouldn't come back. But it did in a very big way. Now, you can find it in stores like Urban Outfitters (RIP the one at UIUC), Anthropology, and even Target.

It looks like macramé is here to stay! (at least for a little while). This DIY will show you how to make your own macramé wall hanging. Who knows? You make find that macramé is your craft calling. This DIY is more modern that the 70's patterns, so it's a nice way to allude to vintage aesthetic while keeping with a more modern style. This DIY is from FTD by Design. Let's get started! 

What you'll need-

Unlike knitting or crochet, you won't need needles or a hook. Macramé is created by looping the cord and tying the knots by hand. All you will need to get started with this design is 160 feet of macramé cord (3mm thick), scissors, 10-inch gold hoop, 14-inch gold hoop, and a tape measure. You can also add some beads, colorful ribbons, shells or fabric paint to create your own design. 

How to make it-

This gets a little more complicated, so I will let the experts show you how to tie the knots and make the cool wall hangings! Remember, this type of craft takes some practice, so be patient with yourself as you learn. Once you get started, it becomes a lot easier, and you'll end up with something cool you can be proud that you made! This can take a little time, so turn on some music or your favorite podcast and make an afternoon of it. For the rest of the tutorial, click here