The state parks are closed, and April has been more windy than warm. We’re cooped up and need something fun to take our minds off of everything. This week, let’s all go camping… in the living room! In this DIY, make your own blanket tent, stir up some campfire favorites, and get a few ideas for what you can do to make inside feel a little bit more like the great outdoors. 

Let’s get started! 

Blanket Tent

First rule of camping: setting up your shelter. Of course, you won’t have to fight off the wind or rain, so the main priority is making your “tent” cozy. Start with piling up all of the blankets and sheets  in your house, or as many as you think you’ll need. Form an idea of how big you want your tent to be, and move the furniture around to make the frame. Next, strategically drape the blankets and sheets over the furniture to create the top and sides of your tent. Add chairs or a coat tree to the middle if you need a little extra support or height in the center. Finally, add cushy pillows and maybe some lights to the inside of the tent, and you are ready to camp! 

Camping Snacks 

Having an open fire inside is generally not the best idea (unless you have a fireplace), so these snack recipes can be made sans flame. 


Fresh popcorn is always a great indoor camping snack, but it can be tricky to make without a popcorn maker. With this recipe, you can pop fresh popcorn with just one pot! You will need 3 tablespoons coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil, ⅓ cup of popcorn kernels, butter, and salt. Heat the oil in a three quart pot over medium/high heat. Once you think it’s hot enough, drop two or three kernels in and wait until they pop. When the few kernels pop, you can add the ⅓ cup of popcorn kernels to the pot in an even layer. Cover with a lid, and remove from the heat for 30 seconds. Then place back on the burner until there is no more popping. Drizzle with butter and sprinkle with salt to taste! Find the full recipe here.


Who doesn’t love a s’more? It’s sweet, crunchy, and gooey. If you don’t have a fireplace, you can make them in the oven super easily! All you need are graham crackers, marshmallows, and Hershey’s chocolate bars. Break the graham crackers in half and place on a cookie sheet. On half of the crackers, put a marshmallow, and on the other half, put two rectangles of chocolate. Broil in the oven for one to two minutes. Keep an eye on them, because they can burn quickly! Let cool slightly, and then press the marshmallow half to the chocolate half. For the full recipe and different s’mores variations, follow this link!

Things to Do

Now that you’ve got your salty and sweet snacks, how will you occupy your night in the wilderness of the living room? You could make up spooky stories, play Two Truths and a Lie, put on your favorite movie, or play a board game! The choice is up to you.  

Let us know if you tried camping inside this week!