Everything is changing and our day-to-day reality is very different from how it was just a few weeks ago. This is a scary time where nothing seems predictable. Now more than ever it’s important to find ways to help others and ourselves if we are able. Doing something to help others gives us a bit more control over our current situation, and it reminds us that there is hope and human kindness in the world and in our communities. 

How can we help others when we feel so confused ourselves? This week’s DIY has some ideas on small acts you can do to help during the COVID-19 crisis. Let us know what you’re doing to help others and spread positivity in this difficult time. 

Support local businesses 

Small businesses are being hit the hardest during this shutdown. Many have adapted by delivering food and taking orders over the phone or by email. If you are able to purchase a meal or two from your local coffee shop, bar, or restaurant, please do so! It will directly help people in your community and reduce the financial impact of the shutdown. 

Offer to help those who need it

If you know of people near you who are immunocompromised, elderly, or can’t easily leave the house because they have children home from school, check in to see what you can do for them. If you plan on going to the grocery store, ask if you can pick up anything for them. This will help reduce people in stores and keep those who are at a higher risk from needing to go out. 

You could also offer to walk dogs, pick up prescriptions, or anything else with which you’re comfortable. Letting people know that they have someone looking out for them is very valuable. 

Call friends and family

Now is the perfect time to check in on loved ones. Reach out to see how people in your life are doing and share how you’re doing with them. Even while physical distancing, we can still meet our socializing needs via phone calls, messaging, and video chatting. 

Donate if you can

Hospitals especially need help. If you can donate $5, $10, or however much you’d like to local hospitals, that would make a huge difference in healthcare workers' daily life right now as they are running out of gloves, masks, and other items used daily. There are also several organizations that are working to help feed children who are missing out on school lunches, taking care of those suffering from domestic abuse or addiction, and so many other worthy causes. You can also donate to the researchers working to find a cure. 

Thank those who are working especially hard

Be sure to thank delivery drivers, workers at grocery stores, hospitals, gas stations, and other places remaining open. They are putting themselves at risk to ensure everyone has access to essentials, and a sincere thank you goes a long way to brighten someone’s day. 

Take care of yourself

We can’t help others if we don’t first make sure we are okay. Do something every day to reduce stress and benefit your mental health. It’s very important that we don’t let worry and fear consume us right now. 

I hope this has helped inspire you to do something for others and for yourself. We can get through this if we work together!