Halloween is tomorrow! I repeat. TOMORROW. Make some spooky treats with your roommates to get ready for tomorrow. Whether you're throwing a Halloween bash, need something to bring for work, or just want to make a festive snack for a night of scary movie watching, these snacks have you covered. Each treat is easy to make and perfect for whatever your plans are on Halloween.

Caramel Apple Slices 

Brie Mummy with Crackers 

Classy and spooky!

Melted Monster Chocolate Bark

See how to make it, here!

Vampire Fang Cookies

You'll vant more than one!

Pumkin Chipotle Hummus

Get the recipe for this healthy vegan treat here!

Mummy Hot Dogs

Toxic Waste Mac & Cheese

Savory and poisonous! Click here for the recipe.

Spider Web Pretzel

Sweet, salty, and creepy. Place atop ice cream or enjoy them on their own. 

Want even more treat ideas? Check out this video!