Halloween is only two weeks away! If you haven't decorated your apartment for the spooky holiday yet, you are in luck. These DIY decorations are a fun and easy way to make your apartment feel creepy and ready for Halloween. Many of these decorations can be made with stuff you already have or with items that are inexpensive. Decorating doesn't have to be murder on your bank account. Grab the fake blood, and let's get into it. 

Wine Bottles

Bring your empty wine bottles back from the dead by reusing them for decorations! This article shows you a few ways to make old bottles into cute or creepy decorations. Wrap up a bottle in bandages to make a mummy, or paint them to be wine bottle monsters!

Haunted Plants

These houseplants are about to get a dark makeover. For a more elegant Halloween decoration, try these haunted plants! All you need is fake potted plants (Please don't paint real plants-they don't like that), which can be found at Walmart or Hobby Lobby, black spray paint, and some green glitter if you'd like to give them a poisonous sheen. 

Hanging Cages

This is probably the most elaborate decoration on the list, but it's so fun and definitely worth the time and effort it takes to make it. You'll need four small laundry baskets, black spray paint, chains, and a skeletal dog or cat and person. You can find the pet and human skeletons at Target! The cages are made by tying two laundry baskets together and hanging them with the skeletal figures inside. For the full tutorial, click here!

Spider Webs

These giant spider webs are made with trash bags! By cutting a black trash bag kind of like you would cut paper to make a snowflake, you can made giant spiderwebs. These look great in windows and in the corners of rooms. To make your own, follow this link!


These cutout bats can be put anywhere in your apartment! All you need is black construction paper, scissors, and tape. If you're bad at drawing, like me, just print out a bat outline and trace it on a piece of construction paper before you cut.

Remember!! If you make any of these, be sure to post them and tag CPM to be entered into our DIY contest to win some awesome prizes.