Hello everyone! I hope this week has been good so far. We are halfway through April already (though you wouldn’t know it by how cold it is), which seems crazy to me. Time seems to go by really slowly during the day, but the weeks go by super quickly. How can that be? I won’t waste too much time trying to figure that one out. There is never a right answer when it comes to ~time~

If you are in need of something to do or something to take your mind off of the quarantine or the fact that your cat is plotting your demise because you being home all the time is getting in the way of its daily life, you’ve come to the right place. You are all probably sick of baking by now, or aren’t, but can’t stand to eat another loaf of bread. Instead of a DIY post full of recipes, how about we sit back and watch celebrities cook? It’s nice to know that just because someone is rich and famous they don’t necessarily know how to bake bread perfectly either. 

*Just a quick update before we get into the videos. We are still monitoring the COVID-19 situation and are doing everything we can to make sure we abide by the government instructions in order to stay safe. The safety of our tenants and staff is our number one priority, so we are very thankful for everyone’s support and understanding. With that in mind, we are still offering online tours and lease signings! Next year will be a great year and we can get through this!  

Learn how to make bagels with Jennifer Garner (the key is to read to them while they bake)

Make pasta to trick kids (or yourself) into eating healthy like Jimmy Kimmel


See how Jason Derulo makes a giant skillet cookie

And does Conan O’Brien really know how to bake bread?