Maintenance issues 

they happen to everyone! Whether it’s a stubborn closet door or a strange noise coming from the garbage disposal, we’ve all encounter annoying little problems in our homes every day. 

At CPM, we have maintenance available 24/7 for emergency issues, and regular maintenance orders taken care of every day. However, these issues are dealt with on a priority basis, so if you have a small issue you may end up waiting a day or two before help arrives.

The good news is - a lot of the common issues you experience you can actually handle quickly and easily completely on your own! 

Whether you don’t want to wait, don’t want staff stopping by your apartment, or just want to look cool in front of your roommates, here are some super simple fixes for the everyday issues that you can handle without any assistance at all. 

Toilet Clogged/Overflowing

It happens to everyone! If your toilet is refusing to flush, it’s time to grab your plunger. Per your lease, you are actually always responsible for plunging your own toilets, and will be charged a fine if you have maintenance come do it for you. You can pick up an affordable plunger the next time you’re out, anywhere from Target to the dollar store!

Can't turn on your new shower?

No need to call on maintenance! Here’s a quick guide on how to turn on the most common showers in CPM apartments:

Bathtub/Sink Not Draining

Drain clogs are a really common issue, and have several easy fixes! (Note: these fixes are not for a garbage disposal, please see separate tip below) 

  • A drain snake is a long device you can insert into your drain to remove any blockages. Here is a cheap set from Amazon!

  • Drain dissolving agents can be poured down a drain to break down any clogs. These can be purchased for under $10 at any grocery store or online.

  • To keep hair or food from collecting in your drain in the first place you can purchase drain catchers such as this cheap set from Amazon!

Closet Door Off Track

Did your closet door come off track? This is a very common issue, and only takes a few seconds to resolve! Simply press down on the connection piece on the top of the closet door, guide it back into the track, and release! 

Power Issues

If your power goes out or your appliance isn’t working - no need for panic! There’s several things you can do before contacting maintenance. 

  • Check your circuit breaker! This is a metal panel with switches usually located in the hallway. Check if any of the switches have suddenly turned to off. If the switch isn’t all the way over, it still is probably off! Make sure everything is switched back to on and see if that solves the problem.

  • Reset your wall outlet. If your outlet has a button in the center, try pressing it to see if your appliance starts working again! There may also be a reset button located on the plug of your appliance, such as a hair dryer.

  • Check if your device is plugged in. This may seem obvious, but it happens! Double check that the plug firmly in the wall and has not fallen out on accident. 

Dead Light Bulbs

If your lightbulb goes out, it’s time for a new one! Aside from vaulted ceiling fixtures or fluorescent lighting, maintenance is not responsible for changing out dead light bulbs in your apartment. This is common issue that happens to everyone, and can be resolved in less than a minute!

We recommend that you check what kind of lighbulbs you have and pick some up from a hardware store to always have a few on hand. 

Garbage Disposal Issues

If your garbage disposal is not running properly, it may just need a reset! There is a small reset button on the bottom of your disposal unit which you can find under your kitchen sink. Make sure the disposal is off, press reset, and see if that solves the problem.

Do not under any circumstances put your hands into the drain. If a reset does not solve the problem, maintenance will handle the issue. 

Smoke Detector Beeping

If your smoke detector is beeping periodically, that is usually an indicator that it needs new batteries! Replacing the batteries is your responsibility, and takes less than a minute to do:

We hope that you find this article a helpful resource in the year ahead! If you do actually need assistance from maintenance, you can email your property manager or submit a request on Appfolio. For after hours (emergencies only) you can call 1-866-750-5066