Nothing says autumn like a burning candle. Candles are cozy and make your whole apartment smell amazing. It’s like a tiny pumpkin-smelling campfire in your living room! You could even roast mini marshmallows over it. (Just kidding. I would not recommend doing that, but how cute would it be?). Of course, there are many places to buy candles in any fragrance and color imaginable, just take a walk through Bath and Body Works, but have you ever thought of making your own? It may seem like a waste of time when you can just go to the store and buy one, but DIYs sometimes don’t make sense. They can be just for fun! And how cool and nerdy would it be to say you make your own candles? The most. 

This DIY tutorial comes from The Art of Manliness website, and you can get the specifics of how to make your own candle here. I’ve outlined the basics of what you need and how to make the candles. Let’s get started! 

Step One: Gathering Materials

Going with a more simple candle DIY (some require you to actual make the wax, but that seems slightly dangerous), you’ll need wax beads, wicks, fragrance oils of your choosing, glass containers for the candles, a double boiler, thermometer, spatula, and pencil or pen. 

Step Two: Melt the Wax

Fill the bottom of your double boiler with water and place on the stove to boil. Place the top part of the boiler over the water and start to melt the wax. Simply place the wax beads or block in the boiler, stirring periodically as it begins to melt. Once the wax reaches 160 degrees, it’s time to take it off the heat. It usually only takes 10 to 15 minutes for the wax to melt. 

Step Three: Ready the Wick

Next, adhere the wick to the candle container. Once the wax is melted, take the wick and dip the metal end in the wax. Press the metal end to the bottom of the candle container. The wax will help it stick to the bottom so the wick won’t move around when you pour in the melted wax. 

Step Four: Add Fragrance 

This is the part where your candle really comes together. Once the wax is fully melted, you are able to add the fragrance oils. While you can add essential oils to give your candle scent, it’s recommended that you buy fragrance oils specially designed for candle making. Be sure to look up how much oil to add because the amount will vary depending on how much wax you use and how many candles you are making. Stir in the oil so it is well dispersed in the wax. It will take about 30 seconds of stirring to ensure complete dispersion.  

Step Five: Pour Into Containers

Once the wax has cooled slightly-so it’s between 130-140 degrees-it’s ready to be poured. Hold the wick with one hand so it doesn’t fall into the wax, and pour the wax into the container, leaving a quarter inch space from the brim of the container. Tie the remaining wick to a pen or pencil so it doesn’t fall into the wax as it cools. 

Step Six: Light it Up!

Once the wax is solid, remove the pen or pencil and cut the excess wick. Cut the wick about a quarter of an inch above the surface of the wax. Now you are ready to light the candle and enjoy the ambiance of autumn. Grab a cup of coffee, fuzzy socks, and your favorite book and a fall day is made.