Classes have officially begun! The beginning of a new school year can be a little stressful and leave students feeling overwhelmed with the new work load. Staying organized can help relieve some of this stress! What's the best way to do that when every class has different assignment schedules and you have to juggle work, clubs, and friends? A bullet journal! 

Unlike the planners you can just buy at Target, bullet journals are journals you make for yourself. They help you organize everything in your life that you want to keep track of. Customizable for reaching your specific goals and getting done what you need to get done, these journals are super helpful for busy people. They're also really fun to make and design! 

Here's what you'll need.

A blank journal. This could be a Moleskin Journal, a blank, lined, dotted, or grid notebook, or you could make your own notebook! Making your own notebook is more time consuming, but it is a way to customize your journal even more. To make your own notebook follow these instructions, and make yours based on your preferences. 

You can keep it simple, but many people recommend using different colored pens or highlighters so different types of tasks are more easily distinguished. 

Using tab stickers to separate sections is helpful because they allow you to find what you need in the journal quickly. Also, get whatever decorations you'd like to add to the book to suit your tastes. 

How to organize your journal.

After you have your notebook and assorted pens or pencils, you're ready to start organizing! Start with creating an Index of all you want to have in the journal. This will guide you as you fill out the bullet journal. 

Next, you'll want to divide the journal into time segments. Months, Weeks, Days. This part is up to you! Depending on your schedule, you may want more space to write down daily tasks over weekly or monthly tasks, or vice versa. 

You can also add pages where you can keep track of movies you want to see or bands to check out. There can be a section dedicated to tracking workouts, spending history, or creating grocery lists, etc. It's up to you! 

For more specific instructions and different ways of making a bullet journal, check out the website, Bullet Journal, as they have many tips and design ideas that can help you make your journal just as you want it.