The first week of October calls for some fall decorating! It’s always super tempting to go to Target and spend way too much money on cute autumn decor. It doesn’t really feel like fall with some decorating, so this week, try out some DIY fall decor! These decorations are fun and easy to make, and will save you money. They are cheaper than what you will find at Target for sure. Get your apartment ready for fall! Let’s get started…

Sock Pumpkins:

We all have a pile of cozy socks that we never really wear. Why not turn them into soft and cute pumpkins? This DIY turns socks into squishy pumpkins with a bit of sewing and some strategically stuffed cotton. All you will need is a needle, thread, cotton stuffing, and a twig. (Don't worry about the sewing part; it’s very easy!) For the full tutorial and directions on how to sew the sock so it looks like a pumpkin, click here!

Leaf Mobile:

This is definitely the easiest DIY, as well the most whimsical. You can use materials you find outside for this one, as well as other inexpensive items. Find a twig of any size outside to use for the top of the mobile. Choose a twig or branch that will fit the space in which you want to hang the mobile. You’ll need some twine, invisible fishing line, and autumn colored leaves. The leave can be real from outside, or you can buy cloth ones from Walmart, Michael’s, or Hobby Lobby. The real leave will only last for a few weeks and the colors will fade to brown, so just keep that in mind when choosing what to do! Tie the fishing line so several lines hang vertically from the twig and attach the leaves to the line. After the leaves are attached, hang the twig by tying twine to each end so it can hang from a nail. 

Cloth Wreath:

To add some warmth to your front door or to your entryway, try this simple wreath. You only need three things to make this beautiful wreath yourself: a dropcloth, a wire wreath (found at Hobby Lobby or Micheal’s), and a pair of scissors. Cut the cloth into strips, and tie them to the metal wreath. This will take some time to tie enough strips to make the wreath full, so put on a scary movie and make a craft night out of it! For the full set of instructions, click here!