Sometimes, it takes a little while to settle into a new place. Decorating a new apartment to fit one's peronal taste and style is obviously the easiest way to make it more like a home. Unfortunately, shopping at places like Pier 1 Imports or Target can be super expensive. It's cheaper and more rewarding to DIY some decor pieces yourself! Thanks to Pinterest, it's super easy to find DIYs that fit the desired aesthetic of your new apartment. 

This week, I've selected a few of the simplest apartment decor DIYs for a variety of styles. (No power tools required). It's feel at home in UIUC with your personalized apartment. Let's get started!  

Geometric Wall Hanging 

This is probably the easiest DIY on the list! All you'll need to make this geometric waterfall is fishing wire, different colored card stock, and scissors! Cut out triangles (or try other shapes to mix it up) and string them together with the fishing wire. Tie the individual strings to a string positioned horizontally to hang them from the wall. You can also just tape the strings to the wall for a floating look. 

Cement Block Bookshelves

Although I'm not entirely sure where to buy/find cement blocks, I know that they're usually really cheap is not free! Use them to create a simple bookshelf. You can keep it just like the picture for a rustic look, or add some color by painting the blocks and staining the wood shelves. 

Flower Photo Display

This is an elegant way to hang some of your favorite photos or notes. Simply attach the photos or paper to twine and tie the twine to a fake flower or twig. It's that easy! Smaller picture look better, so I would recommend cutting them down and placing them on a small white or black background.

Hand Soap Bottle

Nothing says college like an empty bottle in the bathroom. This on is supposed to be there, however. This edgy soap dispenser is easy to assemble once you have the soap pump which you can find at Home Depot or Lowe's. Please wash hands responsibly. 

Chic Animal Storage Containers

This DIY probably will require the most supplies. You'll need glass jars with removable lids, toy animals, hot glue or super glue, and metallic spray paint. First, spray paint the toy animals and lips so they are covered completely with paint. Once dry, glue one animal to each lid and let dry again. After they are all fused to the lids, you're all set to use these quirky containers for storage! 

Hopefully you found one or two of these DIYs you like enough to try for yourself!

Have a great rest of your week!