The Fourth of July is just this Saturday! While many of the local firework displays are cancelled this year, you can still celebrate the holiday by whipping up a delicious dessert for your friends and family. (Or just yourself, no judgement). In today’s DIY we’ll look at how to make some classic American desserts. These recipes aren’t the typical red, white, and blue colored sweets you usually see on the Fourth, but they are as American as apple pie. Yes, there is a recipe for apple pie, too. 

Boston Cream Pie

The Boston Cream Pie isn’t really a pie. It is round, but it doesn’t have a flaky pie crust. A traditional BCP consists of two layers of cake with a layer of vanilla cream between them and a chocolate ganache on top. The BCP was said to be invented in the Parker House Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts in 1881. Learn how to make this classic dessert by following The New York Times’ recipe!

Blueberry Cobbler

Blueberry cobbler is a simple summer dessert that is reminiscent of the south. Warm, syrupy fruit with a buttery biscuit topping. Doesn’t get much simpler, or tasty, than that. If you’re not a fan of blueberries, you can easily swap them for your favorite fruit. Some good alternatives are cherries, peaches, and strawberries. Top with your favorite vanilla ice cream while it's still warm, and you are in for a perfect summer treat for the Fourth. Find the original recipe from Tastes Better From Scratch here!

Apple Pie

As part of the overused phrase “... as American as apple pie,” apple pie is definitely American. It’s a tried and true dessert that is as perfect for summer as it is for fall. For an apple pie made in summer, make sure you get really tart Granny Smith apples to use. Other types of apples can be too soft this time of year. This apple pie recipe is from Grandma Ople and has over 12,500 5 star reviews on Allrecips. See for yourself how amazing Grandma Ople’s apple pie is here!  

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Arguably the most classic dessert out there: the chocolate chip cookie. While everyone knows and loves them, they can often be forgotten in lieu of some more exciting cookies. Try Rosanna Pansino’s recipe for the perfect chocolate chip cookie!