This year, Halloween will look a bit different than past Halloweens. Since parties and events have been cancelled, you may be thinking that there isn’t much reason to dress up for the 31st. Well, if you are thinking that, let me change your mind with these very on-brand 2020 costumes you can easily put together yourself! Get ready, it’s about to get scary. 


The ultimate costume to terrify all. Transform yourself into a Karen for Halloween with just a few simple items. First, you will need a large designer handbag to show that you have money to spend. You can make your own by printing a designer label and sticking it on a regular bag. (you're not a real Karen, after all). The “I want to speak with your manager” hair do is a must. You can buy the wig here. Big sunglasses, a puffy vest, and capri skinny jeans will complete the look. Of course, you can draw from your own experiences with Karens for inspiration to make your costume more realistic. 


Unraveled Toilet Paper Mummy

Mummies had it hard this year with the toilet paper shortage of March. Pay homage to this by going as mummy with just a sad piece of toilet paper wrapped around your head. A simple, light colored outfit would work well with this costume to really highlight the lack of toilet paper. 

Whipped Coffee

I miss the whipped coffee phase of the pandemic. It was a time where hopes were dwindling but creativity started to break through the boredom. Now, there’s not an easy way to actually make a costume to look like the cup of whipped coffee you know and love. That’s where puns come in. Make a quick coffee costume by adhering a printed Starbucks label to a tan/black outfit. Then, get an Indiana Jones style whip, and you’re all set with your pun-fueled costume. 

Robert Pattinson 

Rob Pattinson has made a serious comeback in the last month or so. With his resurgence into pop culture, so many incredible photos have surfaced. He’s a man of many looks. Take your pick from his awkward and amazing pictures to recreate for yourself. The brown leisure suit kitchen look or the Christmas sweater grill master outfit are two of my personal favorites. 

Tiger King

This one is a little throwback to the very beginning of quarantine. To be honest, I didn't make it past the first episode, but the outfits made quite the impression. There’s just so much to work with in that show. Animal print everything, boots, mullets, flower crowns, gas station sunglasses, and, of course, a stick on goatee. Whether you go as Joe Exoctic or Carol Baskin, be sure to complete the look with a stuffed tiger. 

Couch Potato 

A.K.A. me March-June. Like the potato, this is an understated costume with endless potential. To transform yourself into a potato, simply don beige or light brown sweatpants and an oversized shirt. You can draw on some darker brown dots for the eyes if you want to get fancy. maybe an organic sticker if that's your preference. To act the part, just take a seat on the couch and let your beautiful costume speak for itself. 


Cut for time? Go as America’s favorite way to waste time! All you need to do is to cut out the app’s logo and pin it to an all black outfit. If you want to add a bit more to the costume, learn as many TikTok dances as you can to bring the outfit to life. 


What we all tried to be this year. A chef’s hat and apron will suffice for this costume, but they won’t necessarily improve your cooking skills. I recommend ordering takeout from Maize and saying you made it yourself. 

Ghost of Your 2019 Self

This costume can be whatever you want it to be. Did you used to get dressed up to go out? Put on your best going out outfit! Did you wear a suit and tie to go into the office? Put them on and pretend it’s a normal Monday. Wear whatever you did in your pre-quarantine life and add a little ghostly makeup. R.I.P. 2019. Who knew we'd miss it so much? 

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