WHOA! Two new huge changes are coming to Campus Property Management! We want to help our tenants and prospective tenants to schedule shows and to chat with us online! If you don’t like calling on the phone, or walking from your dormitory or apartment all the way to our office, we have these great programs to help get you where you need to be!

You can now schedule shows with us! If you’re in a rush just hop on your computer to pick out the place you want to see and the time to see it! This will allow you to schedule shows: https://www.cpm-apts.com/online-appointment-form/


We already have  LiveChat during the day while we are in the office, but we know that you aren’t always looking during the day. In an effort to be more available we will be extending our online chatting to after hours! This will be a test to see how often it will be used but you should be seeing our hours extending to 11:00PM on many nights. We will also be offering chat on Sunday afternoons. Make sure to check it out on our website!


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