If we’ve learned one thing this year, it’s how important it is to help others and support the community. A wonderful way to do that this holiday season is to buy gifts at local businesses. Helping support the local community has never been more enjoyable. Champaign-Urbana has a ton of stylish boutiques, mouth-watering bakeries, artisanal breweries, and an array of shops featuring one-of-a-kind, handcrafted treasures. Find a truly special gift for everyone on your list this year to bring a little joy to the conclusion of 2020. 

Books and Unique Gifts

Jane Addams Book Shop- Located in downtown Champaign, this three-story used bookstore is the ideal place to shop for any bookworm. They have thousands of books you won’t find in Barnes & Noble on their packed shelves. Find books of nearly every genre for a fraction of the price. Shop online or in-store. 

Priceless Books- This little bookshop in downtown Urbana is where you can find art pieces, collectible items, and, of course, books. From first editions to bestsellers, comic books to fine art prints, there is something for everyone at Priceless Books. Shop online or in-store.

Ten Thousand Villages- Travel the globe without leaving CU. Ten Thousand Villages is a fair trade shop on the corner of Walnut St. selling beautiful items made by artists from over 38 countries. Shop here and find handmade jewelry, ceramic bowls, candles, carved wooden furniture, woven scarves, and so much more. Shop online or in-store. 

Enchantment Alley- Bring some magic and whimsy to your gift-giving endeavors at Enchantment Alley. In the store’s new downtown Urbana location, find board games, crystals, tarot cards, incense, and pop-culture inspired accessories and figurines. This is a fun shop to explore! Shop online or in-store. 

Euphoric Composure- Everyone could use a bit of self-care after this year. Find relaxing, all-natural bath products that are made to order. Brightly colored sugar scrubs, moisturizing lotion cubes, and kid-friendly bath sand are carefully crafted with relaxation in mind. Find all the products online! 

Exile on Main Street- Find this record store in the old train station on Chestnut. The interior of the store is almost as cool as what it sells. Find new and vintage records, record players, LPs, CDs, and art. Shop in-store. 

Clothing Boutiques 

Bohemia- This downtown Urbana store is for the free-spirited soul. Browse through this collection for Bohemian-style clothes, accessories, art, and home goods. The store is as beautifully eclectic as what’s for sale. Shop in-store or online!

Circles Boutique- Located in downtown Champaign, the upscale boutique has designer clothing, shoes, and accessories. Here, you can discover some truly exquisite pieces to elevate anyone’s wardrobe. Keep in mind, Circles is running a 10% off promo until the end of the year! Shop online or in-store. 

Fira Boutique- This women-owned and run boutique sells carefully curated clothing and accessories. Find on-trend fashions and must-have brands in the bright store located on campus. Find gifts to bring a little style to this holiday season. You can shop online or in-store. 

Dandelion Vintage & Used- Located right next door to Exile on Main, this vintage clothing store has so many cool finds from across the decades! Shop in-store to travel back in time. 



The Upper Bout- Acoustic, electric, bass, amps, pedals, pics- find all your guitar needs at The Upper Bout. Give the gift of music this year for a truly unforgettable Christmas. Shop online or in-store!  

I.D.E.A. Store- If you’d rather make your presents or are shopping for someone crafty, the I.D.E.A. Store is the perfect place to go. This store is a treasure trove of knickknacks and miscellaneous things. You can find everything you never knew you needed in this delightfully chaotic store. Shop in person for the full experience!

art coop- At the art coop, you’ll find art supplies, games, toys, greeting cards, and more. As the name implies, this is a store for artists. Located in the Lincoln Square Mall, the small store has high-quality paints, brushes, and canvases, and well as friendly staff to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Shop online or in the store. 

Titan Games- Just off Neil St., Titan Games has a wide variety of board games, party games, card games, and RPGs. Browse in-store during their extended holiday hours!

G-Mart Comics- This is the place to get comics in Champaign. G-Mart has an unbeatable collection of iconic comic book series, graphic novels, and comic book-inspired merchandise. You can shop online or in the store. 

Live Action Games- Tucked away in downtown Champaign on Market St., LAG sells vintage and used video game consoles and games. Shop online or in-store shopping by appointment.  

Home Goods

Checkered Moon- This quaint home goods store has been around for 20 years this year. Located on Neil St., right in front of Harvest Market, this shop has stationary, candles, baby toys, art, dishes, and so much more. You can find a gift for everyone here. Shop online or in the store. 

Texture Home- Find carefully curated, up-scale home decor at this cozy boutique. Texture Home is located in Old Farm Shops and has an open sales floor full of beautiful local art, trinkets, stationery, and small furniture. Shop online or in the store. 

Furniture Lounge- At Furniture Lounge, you can find vintage home decor and furniture to bring some mid-century mod style to any space. The shop also sells plants, candles, and other small items easily giftable to give a bit of joy. Shop online or in-store.

Artisanal Food and Beverages

GROVESTONE- Located in Old Farm Shops just off Kirby, GROVESTONE has all the fancy olives oils imaginable. The imported olive oil, wines, gourmet vinegar, and spices sold in the shop make great gifts for anyone who loves to cook. Shop online for curbside pickup. 

Art Mart- Recently relocated to Prospect Ave., Art Mart has everything you could want in a shop. From high-quality, international food and liqueurs to art, clothing, and toys, you can find something for everyone on your list here. Shop in-store!

Cheese & Crackers- This deli is well known for its sandwiches, but you can purchase fine chocolates, wines, and all the components for a gorgeous charcuterie. Cheese & Crackers is located at the Old Farm Shops where you can shop in-store. 

CBPB Popcorn Shop- Pop over to CBPB to find all the flavors of popcorn you could think of. Shop in-store to find gifts for the whole family. 

Coffee and Tea

Walnut Street Tea Company- Located on Walnut, right at the start of downtown Champaign, is Walnut Street Tea Co. In the quaint shop, discover all kinds of gourmet tea and coffee. They also sell candies, jams, teapots, and a variety of coffee and tea accessories. Shop a small selection of items online or their full selection in-store.

Columbia Street Roastery- Choose from dozens of different roasts and flavors at Columbia Street Roastery. This family-run roastery has been serving CU rich, bold coffee for three generations. Pick up a bag in-store or order online! 

Page Roasting Co.- Opened in 2017, this local coffee roastery offers a variety of high-quality coffee beans and brewing equipment to suit every coffee drinker’s preference. Shop online or in-store.

Baked Goods 

Hopscotch Bakery + Market- Cakes, macaroons, scones, and elegantly decorated pastries await shoppers at Hopscotch Bakery + Market. You can order ahead for customizable cakes and your favorite treats or choose from the freshly-made pastry selection in the store. 

Rick's Bakery- Located in downtown Urbana, Rick’s Bakery is a family-operated bakery offering homemade bread, cakes, cookies, and French pastries. See their menu online or check out what they’re serving in the bakery. 

Pekara- Although the downtown location is temporarily closed, Pekara’s second location on Springfield Ave. is open and serving up all their classic pastries. Baguettes, tarts, scones, cookies, and beautiful cakes are available for purchase in the bakery. 

Tasty Tart- This small bakery off Neil offers adorable tiny tarts in a variety of mouth-watering flavors. Order online or in the bakery!

Suzu’s Bakery- A new bakery in downtown Champaign has traditional Japanese pastries and other desserts! Stop by Suzu’s Bakery to try treats like Matcha Shu Cream, Kurumiko, and Miso Cake. 

Craft Beer and Wine

Triptych- This brewery located in Savoy, is always serving up new brews with creative flavors (and names). Triptych has a beer for everyone. Order online and pick up a case of their latest selection. 

Riggs- A family-owned and operated brewery in Urbana, Riggs offers traditional German and American beers. Shop online, or find them in local grocery stores!

Sun Singer- A place for fine dining and brunch, Sun Singer also boasts a wide variety of wines in their gift shop. Find a bottle of wine to bring to your next gathering by stopping by their store. 

Analog- Located in downtown Urbana, Analog Wine Library has a delightful selection of fine wines. Browse their shelves and let the knowledgeable staff help you find the perfect bottle. Shop in-store or online!