Apartments with Laundry in Unit

Having to go to a laundromat can be a hassle. From dragging laundry baskets to and from the laundromat, to having to wait a couple hours while clothes are being washed and dried, laundry day quickly becomes a day dreaded by all. Why put yourself through that when you can do you laundry in the comfort of your own apartment? 

Here at Campus Property Management we have many UIUC apartments with laundry machines in each unit. In these buildings, each apartment has its own washer and dryer in the apartment, making laundry day easy and stress-free. The apartments featured above all include laundry machines in the units. If you choose to live in one of these buildings, say goodbye to the dreaded laundromat forever! 

Living in one of these apartments is a great choice for your stay at UIUC. They are a fantastic option for students or Champaign-Urbana residents looking for a place to live. Check out our website for more information about specific apartment buildings, parking, policies, and to schedule a tour with one of our leasing agents.

Here are the options for in-unit laundry!

615 S Wright

408 E Healey

202 E Chalmers 

1010 W Stoughton

408 E Springfield

106 S Gregory

301 E Chalmers

105 S Wright

401 W Springfield 

51 E Green

402 N Gregory

301 E Clark

309 E John 

606 E Stoughton

806 S Third

These are just a few of the buildings which offer in-unit laundry, so be sure to check out for more!