How safe do you feel in your apartment? While renting a new place is exciting in many ways, it’s important to make sure you are taking every measure to stay safe. Today we’re going to share 10 quick and easy ways that you can increase the security of your apartment!

1. Purchase a Door Cam

We'll start with the most obvious and effective tip. Keeping a (renter friendly) camera on your door or in a common area of your apartment will let you keep a close watch over your place even if you're not home.

2. Check Your Batteries

Make sure you check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors regularly. Do not use the batteries from these devices when the remote dies or take them out while you’re cooking. It’s always better to be safe than sorry (and it’s in your lease!)

3. Label Your Door 

Show that your apartment is not an easy target! Place a sticker or sign that lets anyone walking by know that you are watching your place from a camera. Additionally, consider putting up a pet label whether or not you own one. Studies show that intruders will actively avoid places where dogs are present.

4. Keep Track of Your Keys

Make sure your keys are safe at all times! Lock the door when you enter or leave the apartment, and keep them in a place you won’t lose them. Avoid loaning your key whenever possible. If you lose the key, alert your property manager and call the locksmith immediately to purchase a replacement. The locks on your door will need to be changed for your safety. 

Please remember you are not allowed to change the locks on your apartment yourself, make copies of your keys or install additional locks onto your door. This violates the terms of your lease as it prevents our leasing agents and maintenance team from accessing your apartment in an emergency. 

5. Track Your Packages

By far the most common burglary of our time is package thefts. They are quick, easy and often difficult to catch. If you have a package on the way, keep the shipping number and keep track of where it is daily. Try and make sure you or a roommate will be home at the time of its arrival. If you have an extra expensive purchase on the way request that it be sent for pickup at the nearest post office or amazon locker. 

6. Do Not Store Things On Your Balcony

Your balcony has no security of it’s own and is not a safe place to keep expensive belongings. Be extra careful of what you leave on your patio if you live on the first floor of an apartment. Chain your bike to the railing if you would like to keep it outdoors. 

7. Communicate With Your Roommates

Make sure you live with people you trust and keep track of who is home or away from the apartment. Make sure the last person to leave double checks that everything is locked and put away. 

8. Make Some New Friends 

Besides your roommates, also get to know your neighbors! Make a facebook group together if one doesn’t exist already and keep a better eye on your building through community. 

9. Keep Your Curtains Closed

When you leave the apartment make sure all curtains and drapes are closed. Avoid making it known that your place is empty. If you'll only be gone a short while, leave a light on and keep music playing. 

10. Speak Up

Report any concerns to your property manager or submit a maintenance request. Make sure you report anything to do with the lighting in the building, elevators and apartment security.