Apartment Design Competition

Apartment Design Competition

Entries accepted November 1st-12th

1 Popular Vote Winner and 1 CPM Office Favorite will receive a $100 Visa gift card per bedroom

Email photos of your apartment that best showcase how you have added your own style to your CPM apartment to [email protected]. The voting will take place on the CPM Facebook page between November 13th and 19th. The winner of the popular vote with the most Facebook likes and the CPM office favorite will be announced on November 21st.

What to Include in Your Email:

              • Up to 3 photos of your apartment
              • Your name and the name of your roommates
              • Your phone number
              • Your apartment number


            *The only information that will be posted with your photos will be the building address


*Please be aware that your entry becomes property of Campus Property Management upon being received

*Only applicable to CPM on-campus apartments

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