Utilities Info

Who is responsible for the utilities in my apartment?

There are 2 options with CPM for our on campus apartments

Option 1 is when a tenant signs a lease, they have the option of selecting the Power and Water Package, where the water and electric utilities are taken out in CPM’s name and CPM bills the tenant. This requires that the apartment pre-pays a flat amount every month with the rent (listed below), which is going to usually cover the total usage every month. If the usage and bill exceeds more than the prepaid amount, CPM will bill the excess amount to the tenant’s account. On the other hand, the tenant has the option of opting out of this package and setting up utilities on their own with Illinois American Water Co. and Ameren IP.

Studio/1 Br Price

$80 a month

2 Br Price

$100 a Month

3 Br Price

$140 a month

4 BR Price

$180 a month

If your apartment goes over the amounts listed above you will be billed the difference. If the apartment is under you won’t see the bill or a credit to your account.

Option 2 Is that you have the utilities under your name.

This also includes making arrangements to have utilities connected at the beginning of the lease, and disconnected at the end of the term. Campus Property Management is not responsible for utility connections or service set up.

What are the phone numbers for the utility companies?The telephone numbers for the local utilities are listed below for your reference. Please call each company before moving into your apartment to set up utilities in your name for the date your lease begins.



(800) 755 – 5000


Illinois American Water Company

(800) 422 – 2782


Volo Broadband


1 (217) 367-8656

Cable/Cable Modem: 

Comcast Cable

(800) 266-2278


Quick Package Pickup             


(217) 649-4471

You must be present for the water and power company to turn on yoru services! Do not schedule an appointment if you won’t be at the apartment.

  • You must be present at the time of service for the water and power connections. The water will be turned on at the main line but not to your apartment, also the main breaker may need switching and/or a pilot light may need to be lit.
  • We will charge $75 for a service call with a possible 48-hour completion time if required to come out after your service has begun due to the time of the year.


Some Helpful Hints

  • Ask the water and power company what day the service will be discontinued with the previous residents of the apartment.
  • Confirm the need to not be present with the water and power company to avoid any service charges as stated above.