Dogs and cats are great, but there are some animals that would make you look awesome! 5.  Skunks don't have to smell up a place and they seem pretty cute!   skunkpet     4. The Spotted Genet makes cats look friendly, but you will be honored when they decide to perch on you!   8f3a8ad22794d3d7ac42f264bcf47cd2   3. Sugar gliders are not as unique (popularity is rising) but they make one of the best pets! Apparently they are similar to dogs in some ways.   hqdefault (4)   2. Wallaby takes place at 2nd  for their cuddly tendencies to those that raise it!   tilly335aa050212   1. Fennec Foxes deserve first for the combination of a cat and dog attitudes! Loved the playfulness of a dog but the independence of a cat? The Fennec Fox often has both attitudes! They still like to cuddle, but they also learn how to use a litterbox.   can-you-keep-a-fennec-fox-in-the-uk-as-a-pet-53cf959ca2ed9