Too often we get caught up in all that we have to do and get done in the day. Constant focus on doing so much can leave us with the feeling of being stressed and worn out. This week's DIY blog will show you how to create a nice relaxing summer night. Creating a special night to relax and enjoy yourself is just the ticket to relieving some of that stress that comes with a long week.


What's more peaceful than candle light on a warm summer evening? Sure you could just go to Bath and Body Works to get a few scented candles, but making your own is so much more fun! Candle making is easier than you would think, and you can choose your own scents and colors. Just follow the easy directions here, and you are good to go!


Summer nights and hammocks go hand in hand. There are few better times to lay back outside than in the summer. Some may be daunted by the thought of a homemade hammock, but it isn't as difficult as it may seem. All you need is a beach towel, rope, some sturdy straps, and some basic sewing skills. The project itself is a great way to relax while working with your hands. The end result will be an awesome hammock to comfort you after a long day! Learn how you can make yours here.

Frozen "Hot" Coco

The finishing touch to your relaxing summer night is a nice COLD glass of hot chocolate. This chocolate beverage is the creamy and refreshing, sure to help you cool down after any hot day. Get the recipe here! There you have it; a candlelit night swinging in your new homemade hammock with a glass of frozen hot coco. Make a DIY night of relaxing for yourself this week!