Father's Day is this Sunday; a day to celebrate dads everywhere with whatever dads like to do. Today's DIY is dedicated to creating a fun day with your dad or father figure and letting him know how much he means to you. Every dad is different, of course, but here are a few ideas to get you started on planning a great Father's Day! It is a known fact that where there is a grill, there will be a dad nearby. Why not make him something to help out his grilling technique? Here is an easy to make display for spatulas, forks, and tongs that will make grabbing a utensil handy while the grill is going. What's a chef without his own signature flavor? Make dad his own seasoning rub to go with steaks, and fries as well as grilled veggies. With this griller's toolkit and homemade seasoning, dad will feel like a pro. Another good tip is to help him grill if that will be in the Father's Day agenda. Quality time is always appreciated! After all, what is a chef without his sous-chef? Learn how to make the toolkit here! And get the recipe for the seasoning rub here! Sometimes, the best gift isn't a gift at all. It's an experience. If your dad likes to golf, hop in a cart and go golfing! If he likes to fish, grab some poles and take him to a lake. As well as doing something he really enjoys, he gets to spend time with you! This is also a great way to make fun memories or new traditions and maybe learn something new. For more ideas about what to do, click here. Another idea is to write a letter. Often times we don't make the effort to tell people how we really feel. Taking the time to write a thoughtful letter or note saying how much your dad means to you is a wonderful way to show that you care. A handwritten letter is also great if you won't get to see your dad on Sunday. Hope you have a fantastic Father's Day!