The world seems to run on stuff. We buy it, use it, then throw it away. But what if we did something with the stuff we were done with, giving it a second life? This week's DIY is dedicated to inspiring you to reuse or re-purpose items that would normally end up in the trash. This is not only green in regards to the planet, it also keeps more green in your wallet! A win-win if you ask me.

Bird Feeder

If you're not super familiar with doing DIYs or crafting, this is something super easy with which to start. All you need is a peanut butter jar and a pair of scissors, and you'll have a cute little bird feeder to brighten up your balcony or porch! I would recommend using a hot glue gun to glue some ribbons or fake flowers on the sides to personalize it. Visit this website for full instructions.

Flower Vase

This is another easy craft that anyone can do. Simply paint empty food cans or jars and fill them with flowers, pens and pencils, or any office supplies. As cans are items thrown away almost daily, they are an important item to re-purpose and recycle. There are many different ways to make this craft fit your style, so get creative with paint colors and decor! The original website has many ideas and tips to get you started!

Bathroom Jars

These jars are also another very simple DIY that makes use of empty food jars. You can also use these in the kitchen for dry goods or utensils storage. Save money on storage containers by simply cleaning out pickle or pasta sauce jars and adding a handle to the lid. For more information on how to make your own, follow this link!

Light-bulb Vase

Whimsical and charming, this project transforms old light-bulbs into tiny hanging vases. Although this is a a bit more difficult than the other DIYs so far, it is definitely doable and worth it for the result. You can hang these inside or out, and you don't just have to fill them flowers. You could fill them with small succulents, tiny rocks, or shells! To find out what you'll need to make this, click here.

Paper Flowers

Old newspapers or sheet music can be made into elegant flowers, adding a unique touch to any room in your apartment. This may be the most time consuming DIY on listed in this blog, but the result is so beautiful! If you don't take newspapers, you can always steal some from your parents or grandparents. Just tell them it's for a good cause! Take a look at the tutorial and get started! Thank you for reading! I hope this has inspired you to try to re-purpose some of your used items to save them from taking up space in land fills. For more ideas to help reduce waste and get involved with the green movement at UIUC check out MPMR- My Planet, My Responsibility   on Facebook!